The PixFix® Product Line

iSYS has developed a suite of products for automated image manipulation under the PixFix® banner. PixFix® products include automated solutions for the removal of red-eye and pet-eye from photo images and for the automated tagging and sorting of images. All products are dynamic link libraries for Microsoft® Windows NT/98/ME/2000/XP/Vista/Seven that are easily integrated into existing customer software. All of these products are compatible with virtually all operating systems and can be embedded on various platforms as well.

PixFix® AutoTagger

The iSYS PixFix® AutoTagger software automatically tags images to simplify image management. Images are analyzed to detect characteristics based on image content that is used to automatically assign tags to each image. Using the tags, images can be sorted according to various criteria as desired by the user. PixFix® AutoTagger can tag:

  • Faces
  • Sky
  • Foliage
  • Indoor/Outdoor images
  • Blurry images
  • Over/Under Exposed images

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Results from Red-eye removal software. PixFix® Red-Eye
Automated Red-Eye Detection and Removal Software

Red-eye occurs in flash photography when the flash enters the eye and is reflected back off the blood vessels of the retina inside the eye, producing the well-known red glow in the eyes. PixFix® Red-Eye software automatically analyses a digital image, finds any red-eye and removes it. In addition to the fully automated mode, for kiosk applications, an interactive mode is also provided so that, on a per image basis, a user can improve detection with an �increase sensitivity� option and remove rare false positives with a �decrease sensitivity� option.

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PixFix® People Sorter

The iSYS PixFix® People Sorter software quickly and accurately sorts a set of images, separating images into two categories: images with people and images without people.

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Results from pet-eye removal software. PixFix® Pet-Eye
Pet Eye Removal

"Pet-Eye" is a phenomenon similar to red-eye in humans, however with pets, especially cats and dogs, the light reflected from the eye can be various colours, including red, green, blue, purple, yellow and orange. PixFix® Pet-Eye automatically detects and removes the occurrence of pet-eye in a user-defined search region placed around the area of a single pet-eye. An easy-to-use manual mode is also available.

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Before the use of image rotation software.
After the use of image rotation software.
PixFix® Rotate
Automated Image Rotation

The majority of photos are taken in landscape mode, i.e.  with the horizon parallel to the longer edge of the image. However, roughly 25% of images obtained with a digital camera are taken in portrait mode (i.e. with the horizon parallel to the shorter edge of the image). Unless these images are rotated prior to viewing, they will be oriented incorrectly when displayed on a monitor or television. Portrait mode images may be rotated either 90 degrees or -90 degrees from horizontal, while images scanned from prints or film may be oriented at 0, 90, -90 or 180 degrees from horizontal.

Typically the rotation of images has to be performed manually. A few high-end digital cameras contain sensors that detect when the camera is oriented for portrait shots and rotate the image appropriately. PixFix® Rotate can scan generic digital images, automatically detect those that are incorrectly oriented and rotate them appropriately for viewing.

PixFix® Rotate is particularly useful for photobook preparation, which requires the correct orientation of multiple images on a page. At present, running  PixFix® Rotate on a group of images corrects half of all incorrectly oriented images. The remainder must be corrected manually, but the work is cut in half. The primary platforms for PixFix®Rotate are:

  • photo kiosks for photobook printing and CD burning
  • wholesale labs for photobook printing and CD burning
  • mini-labs for photobook printing and CD burning
  • image management websites
  • consumer photo album software for home picture viewing software for PC

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Image before customized software solution.
Image after customized software solution.
Custom Solutions

iSYS can provide customized software solutions for customers in the photo imaging industry. If the automated detection of objects (e.g. faces) or image characteristics (e.g. blurring) is required, iSYS can help.

iSYS also has extensive experience in providing customized industrial inspection solutions, particularly for food inspection applications.

"We've been using the iSYS PixFix® Red-Eye on our APM photo kiosks since 2003. We've highlighted auto red-eye removal as an attractive feature of the APM. Our customers continue to be pleased with the ease of use and effectiveness of the iSYS red-eye solution." Steve Giordano Jr.
President, Lucidiom Inc

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